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Capoeira MarAzulWelcome to Capoeira MarAzul

MarAzul offers Capoeira classes for all levels. With more than 20 years dedicated to the practice and dissemination of Capoeira as an afro-brazilian art form, we offer regular classes, workshops, performances and shows at cultural events.

Our traditional Friday Open Roda is the only roda of its kind in London, offering a weekly space for Capoeiristas from all groups and styles to get together, play capoeira and share their passion for the artform. We aim to keep alive this tradition that spans the centuries, and nowadays spans the continents and connects people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Today MarAzul can be found in London, UK and Mozambique, Africa. Since its foundation, MarAzul has implemented social, educational and cultural projects and programmes using Capoeira.


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