Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira

Capoeira performance at Cochrane Theatre, 2011Capoeira MarAzul offers shows, presentations and workshops, which can be tailored to the needs of your organisation, programme and budget. We work with varied aspects of afro-brazilian culture, with capoeira at the core.

Some of the elements that we offer in our shows are:

Capoeira is the art form which embraces all the manifestations created by the african slaves in Brazil in their fight for freedom and equality. Characterised by flowing dance-like movements, trickery and cunningness, it is mesmerising to watch. Today it is one of the arts that most socialises, educates and integrates people of all ages, religions and social classes.


Maculelê is a mixture of dance and simulated fight that was created by the slaves in the sugar cane plantations, where the dancers use two sticks that they hit together to the rhythm of the drums. It is a genuine brazilian manifestation, that expresses the spontaneity, creativity and gracefulness of each person, and can be danced in pairs or in a group, forming a beautiful choreographic composition.


Samba de Roda is the result of the mixture between indians, africans and europeans in the building of a nation that today enchants the world with its ‘ginga’ and cunningness inherited from the african people, who have within themselves the most spontaneous way of being.


Percussion is the heart of it all. The art of playing the drums, expressing the desire for communication as a whole and on its most fundamental level, providing the listener with the most varied possible forms of interpretation.



African Dance, the most pure and natural corporal expression that man inherited from creation, the most ancient form of communication. Today, dance is interpreted and performed in various ways by us all.



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