Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira

MarAzul in Mozambique holds weekly free Capoeira sessions on Saturday mornings at the ‘Penha Palhota’ area in Maputo. They are specifically aimed at children, particularly street kids and underpriviledged children who have few opportunities, but are open to all. Please bring some food, fruit, drinks etc for the children for after the lesson if possible.

The independent social project ‘MarAzul’ started in 2003 when Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira was living in Maputo and started offering free classes to children every Saturday at the Penha Palhota. The Penha Palhota was an area by the sea, with the shade of coconut trees, but was full of rubbish, so the first step was to buy lots of brooms and start cleaning! Several of the key members of MarAzul in Mozambique started learning capoeira at these free classes, and they now continue the project and teach capoeira to other children for free.

The classes are not just about capoeira – the children do a variety of activities including learning the musical instruments and songs from capoeira, African dance, drawing, group games, and thematic workshops where they explore different topics relating to health, hygiene, environment and education.

We aim to provide a space where otherwise disenfranchised children feel accepted and have a chance to play and enjoy themselves, learning an activity that may help them in the future. This enables us to discover the problems the children face and find ways to help them where possible – such as helping them return to their family home if they are living on the street, helping them back into school if they are not attending classes.

Day Time Venue
Saturdays 10 – 2PM Penha Palhota – Av. Marginal

Prices: Free.

Penha Palhota: Penha Palhota, Avenida Marginal, Maputo.


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