Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira

The main objective of Capoeira MarAzul is to promote and disseminate afro-brazilian culture, in particular Capoeira, through its practice, study and research, preserving its principles and fundamentals, and using it as a means of interaction and as a social catalyst. We develop educational, social and cultural projects and programmes, to support and benefit people of all ages and from all segments of society.

We aim to practice and teach Capoeira in the most traditional way, following a teaching methodology which builds on its cultural roots, preserving its rituals, poetry and musicality, its corporal expression and language, within a liberal context.

Our philosophy lies in interaction, seeking to share experiences, to strengthen our work through practice and contact with the world of Capoeira and with all sectors of society that fight for the preservation of the customs and cultural traditions inherited from our ancestors.

In this philosophical context, we try to aquire strength and courage, wisdom and knowledge, dedication and perseverance, humility, sensibility and perception, so that we can understand the varied forms of expression and manifestation of brazilian culture, whilst being responsible for maintaining them alive in the purest and most original form possible.

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