Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira

A big Axé to all our tribe that have always supported our events during the last 31 years of MarAzul.

To celebrate 30 years of the group, as a way of recording the moment (for posterity!), we recorded the live welcome roda of Zum Zum Zum in 2013. We took the best bits and created a CD (many thanks, Velho José!) which is now available on the internet for everyone to download and listen to.

CD 30 years of MarAzul

It has great energy and is perfect if you like to listen to music while training. All the money raised through the sale of the CD will go towards our social project in Mozambique, which has been running independently for 11 years.

We hope that you enjoy it, and please let your friends know too!

suzannah On August - 14 - 2014


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