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MarAzul Friday Roda

With plenty of music, great games and lots of axé, MarAzul’s capoeira roda every Friday is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the week.


Special guests:

On the last Friday of every month, we will have the presence of a special guest – giving recognition to and valuing the contributions of various Capoeira masters and teachers in London that are supporting and promoting the integration between various capoeira groups and capoeiristas in London and beyond.


April 2012
RileneRejanePaulinhaJhanaiBonecoOn Friday 27th April, we will have the whole Amazonas family (now Menino Quem foi Seu Mestre) for a night of high energy of this  beautiful family that we have learned to love, for their simplicity, harmony, honesty and above all their desire to be capoeiristas.
The teachers Rejane, Rilene, Boneco and Paulinha will be commanding the harmony for all of us. With over 20 years’ contribution to the movement of capoeira in the UK, they have many stories to tell. Come and be part of this story that fascinates us when we hear from each of them the experiences they have lived here. We look forward to all of our community ever present to share this special moment.

March 2012

On Friday, 30th March, Mestre Carlão from Kabula will join us as our special guest.

Mestre Carlão has been contributing to Capoeira in Europe since the 1990s, helping build links between different groups and supporting the cultural exchange between the UK and Brazil. He was our first official special guest to inaugurate the Friday roda almost 7 years ago in 2005 and we are pleased to welcome him back again. Read more about Mestre Carlão on Kabula’s website.


February 2012

On Friday, 24th February, Professor Toca from FICA-London will be our special guest.

Toca started Capoeira Angola in 1993 with Mestre Manoel (Ypiranga de Pastinha) in Rio, and has been leading the FICA-London group since 2008. Always a regular at the MarAzul Friday Rodas, Toca’s ability and playfulness always brings plenty of axé and energy to the roda.


January 2012

Our first special guest, on 27th January, was Mestre Simon Fantasma from East London Capoeira.

Simon is one of the key players in the movement for promoting exchange and integration between capoeiristas in the UK, where he has been teaching capoeira for over 20 years. He organises the monthly Urban Ritual, where capoeiristas from all styles come together for a day of vadiagem.


suzannah On January - 21 - 2012


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