Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira

We hope that 2006 was full of great happiness and satisfaction for everyone who sought to vadiar as much as possible in all the Tribes…

For us in MarAzul, satisfaction and happiness were the words that we most heard from those that took advantage of the magic of this tribal ritual, Capoeira.

And to start the year with positive energy and the strength with which we mean to go on, we are organising a very special event with people who have extra energy to spare, to make us all stronger than ever for the coming year.

After the special programmes with Mestres Carlão (Kabula), Pacheco do Côco (Dançando Angola) and Laércio (Filhos de Angola), Marinheiro (UNICAR) and our Sheriff, Simon Fantasma (Marrom Capoeira e Alunos), now it is the turn of Marcelo Angoleiro (FICA).

Probably at least 80% of capoeiristas in the UK have already seen Marcelo in a Roda, event or anywhere that you hear a berimbau playing Angola . But now you will be able to come face-to-face with him, to share practical experiences, talk about things and awaken your curiosity and respect for this personality whose tender age belies his experience in the Capoeira world.

Marcelo is a brother, he breathes Capoeira 24 hours a day, in fact, he has been living with Capoeira even since before he was born. It is impossible not to notice, not to feel the energy that flows from this impulsive, agile, cunning and charismatic human being.

We are sure that to start this year with new things, new energies and actions, will help guarantee the continuation of everything that was positive last year, and Marcelo will be key in strengthening us in what we seek, not only for MarAzul, but for everyone who is trying to strengthen the interaction and sharing of experiences between people.

We will meet on the 20th, for yet another Ritual, another Meeting, another moment of Vadiação and cultural integration of our Capoeira Art.

Grande Axé!
Joãozinho da Figueira


Date & Time: Saturday, 20th January 2007 from 12-3.30pm

12:00 pm – Class with Marcelo Angoleiro
13:30 pm – Roda
15:00 pm – Chat with Marcelo …

Price: £7
Venue: LSE Old Building, Houghton St, Holborn, London WC2A 2AE
General Organisation: Pedro Campolina


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