Mestre Joãozinho da Figueira

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who was with us this weekend, celebrating MarAzul’s birthday event. We were blessed with everyone’s energy and happiness, in particular Pedro Lima, Tereza Pineschi, Carlão, Pacheco, Polaco, Gilberto, Goia, Matthias Assunção, who contributed such a lot to the event, creating an excellent atmosphere and providing everyone with an opportunity to share experiences.
So to maintain this climate of Axé and happiness from the capoeira Tribal Ritual in London, this week we have the honour to welcome Mestre Cobra Mansa, who will be giving classes on Monday (21/05) with the Capoeira Angola London group, on Wednesday (23/05) with Simon Fantasma’s group, and on Friday (25/05) in MarAzul’s space before the roda.
It is a pleasure for us to welcome Mestre Cobra Mansa for the first time to our space. He is one of the greatest celebrities of Capoeira Angola today, with vast experience from many years of dedication to Afro-brazilian culture, especially the art of Capoeira.
We are sure that the return of MarAzul’s Friday rodas will be full of energy, since Mestre Cobra Mansa has much energy to spare to lift the spirits of any Roda!
We will meet on Friday, for yet more Axé!
Joãozinho da Figueira….
Date & Time: Friday, 25th May 2006 from 7pm
Programme 7-8pm Class with Mestre Cobra Mansa, 8-10pm Open Roda
Price: £7 (Class & Roda) / £3.50 (Roda)‚ Venue: West Kensington Tenants Association Hall, 70 Lillie Road, West Brompton, London, SW6 1TN

suzannah On May - 26 - 2006

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